Automatically Generate Software Documentation

The purpose of the automatic generated software documentation is to provide the analysts, the software- & maintenance engineers with detailed information about individual software components. Each document presents another view of the component source code. Some documents outline the source structure. Others document the source contents, i.e. the mathematical formulas, user interfaces, data and procedural elements. Still others depict the relationship between the elements. What view, or views, a stakeholder needs, depends on the task at hand. Reengineering the application, analyzing the functionality or he may be searching the source of an error or looking for the best place to insert a change. Since there are so many different maintenance tasks to be performed, tasks such as changing data types, inserting new data items, changing logical conditions and inserting additional statements, several complementary views are required.


The views presented depend on the software artifact type and the programming methodology. Data structures such as interface definitions, user interface panels and database tables require another type of view than code modules. The view of code module depends on how the module is implemented. Object oriented modules require other views then procedural modules.

The objective is to provide an appropriate view of each artifact based on type and construction methodology. The views are intended to make the source code more transparent to the business analysts, management, software engineers or the operation team, so that they can perform their job quicker, better and safer.